Central Plant Retrofit

Louis Abbott, PE was the project manager and engineer of record for a complete chilled water optimization. Project consisted of modifying and consolidating four separate chilled water central plants (totaling 8,005 nominally installed tons) to run at the most energy efficient point as possible.

pfizer-la jolla.jpg

There was at total savings of 3,886,643 KWH/year savings as a result of this project being implemented for an energy savings of 21.3%. In order to achieve this savings, primary-secondary chilled water loops were converted to primary variable pumping systems, chiller staging was modified to ensure that they operated in the most energy efficient state,

VFD’s were added to all chilled water pumps, three-way valves were removed from the chilled water loop, VFD’s were added to the condenser water pumps and that loop was modified to be variable as well.

All aspects of the system were analyzed to ensure that the overall kw/ton was minimized.

LOCATION: Pfizer Campus, La Jolla, CA

CLIENT: Pfizer

INDUSTRY: Life Sciences