Central Plant & Utility Corridor

IDEC, now Genentech, built a new 400,000 sqft pharmaceutical manufacturing facility which included a laboratory building, a warehouse building, an office building, a central utility building, and a central utility spine that connected them

idec pharmaceuticals.jpg

Louis Abbott, P.E. was the project manager for the engineering on the new central plant and distribution system. 

Design included a chilled water central plant (5 – 1,300 ton chillers, 8 – 3,000 GPM cooling towers), a steam plant (4 – 800 HP boilers), pumping stations, controls, chemical treatment, piping systems (chilled water, condenser water, steam, steam condensate), thermal and seismic expansion, and support to all pharmaceutical central utilities equipment (clean steam generators, stills, WFI).

LOCATION: Oceanside, CA

CLIENT: DPR Construction

INDUSTRY: Life Sciences

CONSTRUCTION COST: $30,000,000 mechanical