KMA Architecture

“We have worked on about 25 projects with ABBOTT Engineering over several years and we have developed a good working relationship over those years. Our most notable project was the MV-22 Double Hangar Replacement project at MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA, where Louis led the design effort and was always looking for ways to improve the design and work collaboratively with the entire Design-Build team. We hire ABBOTT Engineering for our projects because we appreciate the attentiveness to the team, the quality of their design and enjoy the personalities of the staff at ABBOTT Engineering.”

Don Blair, President/CEO, KMA Architecture



“My experience with ABBOTT Engineering has always been enjoyable and rewarding. Building an unpretentious yet confident culture is difficult to achieve and Louis has done just that. The entire team is so pleasant to work with. I choose to work with ABBOTT because of our existing relationship. Once you build a good working relationship, you gain efficiencies through that relationship and have success. You also get to know one another on a deeper level, which makes the experience of solving challenges more rewarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Louis and his team over the years and wish ABBOTT all the best. I look forward to our next opportunity to collaborate on a project.”

David Pavnic, Senior Project Manager, Facilities & EHS, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics


Alliance building solutions, inc.

“We’ve worked on many projects with ABBOTT Engineering, both as their clients and as contractors building their designs. We have a long and trusted relationship with ABBOTT and an excellent working rapport with the team. Working side-by-side with ABBOTT bridging the gap between design and construction has helped immensely to reach our goals and complete good working projects. We continue to hire ABBOTT on our Design-Build projects because we have confidence and trust in the ABBOTT team; working with them on our DB projects is a no-brainer. When we win a project that was designed by ABBOTT, we are very happy because we know that ABBOTT will help, not hinder the construction process.”

Robert Campbell, Vice President, Alliance Building Solutions, Inc.


Climatec LLC

"We work with a lot of clients across school districts in California and with a number of city and county customers. Over the past 6 years, we have partnered with Abbott Engineering on many K-12 school HVAC Retrofit projects, 45-55 projects per year, $2.5- 13.8 million dollars in size, from RTU’s to large central plants. We like working with Abbott because they're skilled at keeping their designs constructible and selecting highly efficient equipment for the client. We partnered with Abbott over some other firms because of their competitive pricing, timeliness of design, their ability to work well with DSA and building inspectors, their hands-on mechanical problem solving, their great management of sub-consultants and their true understanding of the construction process."

Bruce Martin, Energy Manager, Climatec LLC



“Louis and his team are like family. They are professional, get problems solved and listen to what the customer really needs. As an example, on a recent UCSD Music Building project, Abbott Engineering produced a BIM model that assured the General Contractor and other stakeholders that the project would be constructed with minimal collisions and/or problems. We trust Louis and his team on their technical and communication skills to bring the project team together and resolve issues. It is a pleasure to work with Louis and Abbott Engineering. It makes the completion of the job easier when they are on the team!”

Michael Chapman, CEO, WR Robbins Co.



“We highly recommend ABBOTT to clients looking for Mechanical Engineering services. We have worked together on more than 150 projects, and are eager to team up on many more in the future. We enjoy working with them because of their focus on effective communication and design coordination between disciplines. One notable project involved installing a new VRF air-conditioning system in an historic cast-in-place concrete school building. The mechanical and structural technical challenges were navigated successfully, largely due to their tremendous coordination efforts. The construction and start-up went remarkably smoothly, given the technical complexities of the project.“

Bo Jaquess, S.E., President, TKJ Structural Engineering